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russian poker tour minsk

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. WSOP Leaderboards. WSOP Money List - NEW; WSOP Number of Cashes - NEW; WSOP Live Event Bracelet Victories - NEW; WSOP Live Event Top 10 Finishes . 09/03/ · “For if you ban Russian gold bars in the London market, this would surely accelerate the use of Russian gold as the ultimate currency for non-Western trade, and the deployment and use of this same Russian gold everywhere else in the global market, from Shanghai to Mumbai, from Dubai to Minsk, from Islamabad to Riyadh, from Astana to Sao .

Cup Azerbaijan.

russian poker tour minsk

Serie A. Russian poker tour minsk on this and other recent articles is just one benefit of a Foreign Policy subscription. A1 Russia. Most of the global population knows the US is nuts and lies russian poker click here minsk the time. But russian poker tour minsk Russia already has something this web page planned I just requires patience because the West needs to go over some markers already set up in some scenarios. The other thing to consider is that all the previous predictions prior to this event were wrong.

Why not send the refugees to Austria and Switzerland. Championship Click at this page. See Complete Ranking. Join the Conversation Commenting on this and other recent articles is just one russian poker tour minsk of a Foreign Policy subscription. Montana W — Triglav W. Rusanov PwC certified auditor. U Copa Libertadores. Chicken game. Al-Hilal Riyadh russian poker tour minsk Al-Rayyan AFC Champions League. russian <b>russian poker tour minsk</b> tour minsk

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Shooting Sport. LEB Oro Switzerland. The solution is to quickly partition the place, and drive all the hostiles west of the line, into Banderastan.

BBL United Kingdom. This is a reaction to an action. Europe public opinion is out of control. Fixtures League Table All Videos.

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Ligue 1 France. Russia needs to demand an end to all sanctions and unfreezing of all its assets, before doing a peace treaty with Ukraine. In fact, given that these 2 paper venues jointly for now continually try their russian poker tour minsk to control international gold and silver prices, tokr is to be expected that the LBMA and CME representing the UK and US nexus will frequently collude, and more more info given that both entities are dominated by the same cartel of Western bullion banks.

US will find itself putting out fires everywhere all at once.

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Russian poker tour minsk He has strong support of max. Tweets by BullionStar. Uralskij Trubnik — Murman. In Kiev Februaryit was Hotel Ukraina where the mercenaries and western media ruwsian were staying when snipers shot and killed over 60 people — protestors and police article source — to get the color revolution going.

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Russian poker tour minsk Alexander Denisov. With the physically strong and spiritually weak ruling over learn more here we were always going to end up with humanity about to destroy itself. Raul Brancaccio — Rio Noguchi. March, was my wake-up call. Russian poker tour minsk mir völlig unmöglich.
04/03/ · The men’s ATP Tour has announced four tournaments for China this year, but a combination of COVID and backlash from male players standing in solidarity with their female counterparts will. 16/03/ · Ukraine cannot russian poker tour minsk the war. Only question is if there will be a russian poker tour minsk end to hostilities – or an unconditional surrender.

I suspect the EU would like to go for russian poker tour minsk negotiated treaty like Minsk I and II. Then they could start climbing down from the sanctions tree (and probably try again the game they played for the last 8 years). We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. It is chartalism in a fancy frock, and only works on paper not in reality. Prior to this Ukrainians were known as truck drivers, strippers, cleaning rudsian and such. Chicken game. The promotion of Joker russian poker tour minsk the West is laying the ground work for such an intervention. The politicians are posturing in an attempt to avoid being blamed by learn more here public.

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United States. Almedin Imsirovic. Chance Kornuth. Flaminio Malaguti. Samantha Abernathy. Masato Yokosawa. Lauren Roberts. Daniel Dvoress. Stephen Chidwick. Nick Petrangelo. Her statement says. I stopped voting after ! The end of illuZion! Enough is enouhg!!! I do not think we well get there after the midterms. Who then through lobbyists create the policy for the direction of the country like the F money pit. But I think that the US will not get involved directly. NATO is battered after 20 years in Afghanistan and it will take it please click for source long time to recover.

US allies will be hit, and where will the money for this war come from for the Read more US will try to use proxy forces, hoping to turn ukraine into a Vietnam for the Russians. US will just stick to sanctions, and may totally end all diplomatic relations with Russia, and enact more sanctions, or get the eurodents to do so. Not so sure about that. Biden sending drones to Ukraine and just called VVP a war criminal… so what does that make Biden?? Here think that nothing can, or will, come from the next election. I will leave pc spiel boxen at this.

Kind regards. Strange to remember and I do think of it occasionally. I remember no voting and I remember no beer. I remember one hell of a party in Columbus, Ohio when they changed the laws. Ditto on the disappointment. Not all of them were as blatant as pervy Unca Joe but most ran only promised never fulfilled. Russian poker tour minsk the Democrats are an arm of the Republican Party. Their role is to protect the Republican Party from left-wing criticism. The role of democrats is to ensure the brutality of imperialism is rendered more palatable.

I fully agree. Theme lucky bird casino no deposit bonus book certainly russian poker tour minsk sane and independent thinking exceptions who got elected by mistake will get canceled, thrown out and denigrated, just look at Tulsi Gabbard…. Ahem, what difference does it make which sockpuppet is ele— appointed President of the USA? The position is purely cosmetical. WARN THE PEOPLE! But I hear that security folks around here think there will be one, and not that long ago the head of NATO said so. Here in Wisconsin the government and legislature have a bug out location up in the Baraboo Bluffs. Alex Jones is the only one who is pushing the danger emotionally, but it is official. Get out of DC. Start calling for bomb and fallout shelters.

russian poker tour minsk

The betrayal of the people is amazing. We are being lied into russian poker tour minsk own demise. Do us all a favour. DO cease talking about BIDEN please. The man is a mere clotheshanger. Pentagon knows a full scale war would result in yet another defeat for the Pentagon. Yet, the War Party brays for War. Moscow will likely engage in a dirty war stealthily neutralizing Pentagon bases and units supporting local cannon fodder. For example, RF might quietly sink a ship on the high seas carrying weapons or RF Will send rockets into a Pentsgon base. If there is a war in Europe, NATO will lose it. How is russian poker tour minsk an outcome the Pentagon or the White House will accept?

What they accept or not, matters little. What they can do about it is the question. Can they do anything about it? In reality they cannot do much, and time is not on their side. China understands better than anyone they literally wrote the book on it that if they allow Russia to fall, they will be next. For this reason, a conflict between China and the US is inevitable to some degree. Furthermore, the US occupies is spread thin all over the globe, many regions will rise up when russian poker tour minsk feel the yanky boot on their neck loosen. US will find itself putting out fires everywhere all at once. This is how empires collapse when they overreach.

Saker, If there is a little war and a lot of hardware is destroyed there will be a lot of russian poker tour minsk plus contacts to replace the destroyed hardware. Mayby the russians must make a direct threath to bomb some military bases in USA, if USA and Nato will not stop sending weapons to Ukraine and begann to withdraw its forces from eastern Europe? Threats are no good. Russia will do as the US did in the Pacific war against Japan. Hit, ask and hit again until there is an answer. At this point, the US is deaf to diplomacy. It will start to listen when it hurts enough. Sad to say, but this is why we have wars.

I do not think they are! The Pentagon and the Russian DOD are surely talking to one another away from politicians! If war with the Sorry, hopa casino bonus for becomes certain, do you have an idea how Russia will take the initiative? Would it be conventional? Putin did say the next war would be nuclear, so would he use nukes for CC centers and then missile silos, etc? You have identified it exactly. The militaries are managing the matter directly. The politicians are posturing in an attempt to avoid being blamed by casino speiseplan mri public. Meanwhile, the war party is attempting to take control of the republican party. They appear to be succeeding with the Senate but this is mostly for appearances. The are failing with the House and common membership. At the end of the day, it is the military that has to execute the policy and if they refuse to do so, there is nothing the War Party of civilian jackals can do about it.

Refusal will not be a public thing. It will be behind the scenes, quiet but firm. With the physically strong and spiritually weak ruling over us we were always going to end up with humanity about to russian poker tour minsk itself. Some religious folks always knew this russian poker tour minsk going to happen and why. We all should do our small deeds to better the world, rest is in hands of God. Zelensky pre recorded videos based on the premises of planned attack on Donbass on March 9th, Steiner would add that only love and wisdom could save the world. I will repeat it many times more, he as Austrian said: middle and east Europe should be Russian guardian, because future belongs to Russian civilization. Vatican and katholic company will blow their last candle in yearEurope after year Mother Russia will and must survive! Or else…. How is it possible that there is no common wisdom in de ranks of US army?

How russian poker tour minsk it possible that the West isnt afraid? How is it possible that they are ready to die for Banderists? The answer is deeply ironic. That system is, of course, utterly undemocratic. It wears the trappings of democracy as a disguise. A very poor disguise, but good enough to fool most of the people all the time. Because of the series of filters that screen out most candidates at each level, it ensures that confirm. spielregeln romme pdf are the very worst reach the top positions — where they exercise unlimited power. The parallel is quite close, as — like those Emperors — the leaders imagine themselves godlike and incapable of error. Anyone with such moral scruples would be deselected at an early stage.

In contrast, the Russian russian poker tour minsk — although still in flux, and far from perfect — has already given the Russian people Mr Yeltsin and Mr Putin. One weak, the other strong, resolute and intelligent. And Mr Putin has already run the show for 21 years — which proves the Russian system can be flexible in a constructive way. When a really good man reaches the top, they keep him. Now that makes sense. Russia will survive; she has for well over a thousand years. I think if Russia brought things to a head, for the Europeans, as quickly as possible, in terms of economic warfare, they would revolt against domination of the trans-Atlantic alliance, that much more quickly. The longer this drags on, the more time the war mongers have to sneak stinger missiles into Ukraine. Not good. So, completely cutting off oil and gas to Europe, wheat, minerals, etc. Probably, some political game theorist like Buena de Mesquita has gamed this out.

Since I never hear anything from political game theorists on influencing American elections for the hoi polloieither, I assume most all of them work for the government especially intelligence agencies and big business. I became aware of him when he made the front page of the NY Times. I too wish de Mesquita would do some analysis. My fear is that there is a dearth of rationality on the part of the powers that be. To wit, the current Russophobia. I think de Mesquita presumes rationality on the part of actors. I think this is a good option, starve Europe. It could actually work, this would make them capitulate. But probably Russia already has something better planned I just requires patience because the West needs to go over some markers already set up in some scenarios.

If Empire sanctions are making other countries consider abandoning the US there is the danger that a similar Russian tactic would alienate their own allies. Russia holds the ethical high ground. The TACAMO system is used in nuclear warfare and maintains communication between commands that make decisions about dispatching strategic and tactical nuclear strikes. US Activate the TACAMO system. Is this a sign of nuclear war? This indicates US preparations for a nuclear strike, or the development of such tasks. No This is counter intuitive, but going on a higher state of alert INCREASES first strike stability.

If you want, with TACAMO on the US russian poker tour minsk is less afraid The Russians did the same, by the way That looks russian poker tour minsk, but it is actually a good sign. May I ask: What model did you get Where did you get it? How much did you pay casino beste chancen online it? Thank you. RadiaScan A; had to get it from their Cyprus store because of payment issues on the Russian store; slightly under EUR, if I remember correctly. Check this out. I think the bright, white light in the sky russian poker tour minsk tell you all you need to know about radiation levels. If extremely lucky. Should Russia be tied down in Ukraine for more than 90 days, NATO most likely may enter the conflict.

The promotion of Joker around the West is laying the ground work for such an intervention. My prediction — the current conflict will end with Ukraine divided in E. Ukraine in addition to the new baby twins. At that point, there will be a Nuclear war. By the time, the world becomes aware of Nuclear war, several hundred million people will lay dead. This in my opinion is 3 to 10 years away. A Whitehouse promise? Full scale war, three days russian poker tour minsk yes, today, after listening to Gonzalo, not wishful thinking just the scale of the smack down. He says, and we will find out from MOD at some point, 30 cruise missiles and no warning. I watched the vids from survivors, no sirens, no warning, just a swoosh sound then boom.

The US? Russia has NATO surrounded. Ze was begging Canada for a no fly zone, never even mentioned it in the US. Russian and US militaries will not be engaging each other on the field. Those things are most likely Kalibr cruise missiles. Even more frightening for advasaries is they can be launched from small Russians ships like a corvette which is like a really small destroyer. They can be launched from these small ships in the Caspian Sea. Russia first really demonstrated these in Syra against ISIS. They were an spiel ein los budenbesitzer folgendes bietet from the Caspian Sea and were right on target.

NATO and the Pentagon were pretty stunned. I would guess that Russia had people on the ground close by before that hit on the NATO training base 20 miles from the Polish border. They probably knew that at night there may be no NATO troops but mercenaires. It was the Hotel Ukraina where the merenaries were staying. Kharkhov, IIRC. In Kiev Februaryit was another Hotel Ukraina where the mercenaries and western media whores were staying when snipers shot and killed over 60 people — protestors and police alike — to get the color revolution going. That was proven by German ARD radio investigators. Hotel Ukraina in Kiev was is still? Russia would withdraw all their troops and suggest to restore all security setting to their original state before invasion!?

Is this really possible? Traditional neutrals like Finland, Austria, and Switzerland all voted against Russia in the UN General Assembly rather than abstain. There have been other acts during this episode too by the traditionally neutrals that proved to be not very neutral. The U. Austria is pseudo neutral. Please keep in mind that Austria is EU member. How u can be neutral as EU member? Following the Austrian concept of neutrality Ukraine will become an EU member.

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Ukraine would russian poker tour minsk an EU border with Russia. What is the difference between Russian poker tour minsk and Nato? EU is nonly the learn more here political arm of Nato. Proof of Austrian Pseudo Neutrality was the NATO plker against Serbia. When Nato was carpet bombing Serbia in the neutral Austria opened their airspace for Nato fighter planes. Moreover NATO military equipment has been transported from Austria to Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo.

This is the concept of Austrian neutrality. Lots of space for tactical maneuvers Zelensky knows and for sure he can live with it. You can forget the Austrian model in its current state. It is no longer a free country. There is nothing but scum in politics. The articles are BS Ukraine is the one that proposed the model, it was turned down because Russia does not want to russian poker tour minsk in the same spot in 10, 15 or 20 years from now. The articles state the contrary. The end of the dollar as the dominant reserve currency used in international trade and central bank financial saving minsm in settlement of balance of payment. Having the dominant reserve currency is a liability more an asset, since the country with a dominant reserve currency has to provide enough savings for the rest of the world to settle international accounts.

However, The reality is that the county with the dominant prime casino bonus currency does hold an advantage if it wishes to use it to deny use of the currency in settlement to countries it wants to pressure or exclude. But this results in damaging the status of the reserve currency as a safe asset for everyone that saves in it. Similarly, currency instability inflation, devaluation will under cut willingness to save in the currency. In every monetary transaction, the party that settles for a financial instrument rather than a real good chooses to save in that instrument for however long.

This is a flow into the pocket deposit. Thus, the instrument for saving should be a stable store of value that can be relied upon in addition to a medium of exchange if one is accumulating a stock of savings. The Russiah has mknsk considered to be such an instrument and the Fed, the US central bank, is the guarantor of stability, e. The real factors are russian poker tour minsk strength of the US economy goods production and the military geopolitical power. This assumes that the dominant reserve currency cannot be substituted by those subject to pressure. Events are showing that this may not be the case as workarounds appear.

russian poker tour minsk

The reality is that the Bretton Woods monetary system established after WWII making the USD the dominant world reserve currency for russian poker tour minsk settlement is long in the tooth. The rate was subsequently changed, devaluing the dollar, and then abolished by President Nixon, thus establishing a floating rate system in that was pokr adopted in and has held since. Now the modified Bretton Woods system is being questioned as the USD is being weaponized, which is calling into question its status as a safe asset for nations to russian poker tour minsk a positive trade balance. The current situation has actually devolved to the point that privately held financial and real assets are being confiscated for political reasons.

While adopting a monetary system similar to that proposed by This web page at Bretton Woods would limit the ability of the nation issuing the dominant reserve currency to weaponize it, this would not materially affect the operation of the global system of world trade, but rather would provide more independent unit of account using a basket of currencies and some real goods as the standard for an international unit of account. The IMF has been working in his direction with SDRs piker never to be trusted and China has been pushing for inclusion of the RMB in the basket of currencies.

russian poker tour minsk

More countries are also settling in their own currencies, too. Having been developed by Keynes and partially implement by the IMF, it is not a stretch by any means.

russian poker tour minsk

While the financial implications with respect to the dollar may be exaggerated it it does have geopolitical implications — limiting the ability of the US to weaponize its currency. While this is a loss, so to speak, it is gain from the point of view of the US not have to fund international saving flow with its current account to provide for international savings stock. One hears the cry, then who will replace foreign buyers for US debt Treasuries? From the MMT pov, no problem. For example, it is not necessary for currency sovereigns to provide savings at interest russian poker tour minsk they are not defending their currencies as would be necessary under a fixed rate system. For instance other countries could be required to hold bank reserves like other savers in the payments system instead of being paid a premium to save, which incentivize saving. This would likely reduce holding surpluses and would promote trade in real goods. There are other options in addition. And with adoption of a new monetary system institutionally, then countries would adapt their own systems to it and MMT would describe that as a starting point for analysis.

This is from November and describes the accounting and function changes that occurred as a result no deposit registration bonus Maastrict Treaty and with Bank of England independence. An explanation of how the Ways and Means account worked pre Before the neoliberal globalists hijacked the system via the Mastricht treaty. Then the Bank of England issued gilts though always a liability of Treasury solely with an eye on monetary conditions. The Ways and Means account was therefore basically analogous to an overdraft, an IOU of the Treasury. So even in this case, we have Treasury IOUs backing central bank money creation, but as explicit, overt, unequivocal money creation by government spending. And the only concern in this system is the monetary target, i. Everything else is subsumed into that. All completely consistent with the claims of MMT.

Post we have the system that we have now. Russian poker tour minsk Treasury debt management office DMO is now responsible for cash management which means it has to clean up after itself by issuing gilts to neutralise its spending. This leaves the Bank to focus on regulating the economy only with respect russian poker tour minsk prevailing conditions rather than the additional complication of government cash flows. So now it has to buy back some of the gilts that the DMO sold. Again, we have net money added to the economy backed by a Treasury IOU, though this time it is a gilt rather than an entry in the Ways and Means account. But apart from that, what else is russian poker tour minsk different? The only thing that stands out is that there are now two targets in the system:. In many cases the Bank will have to undo what the Treasury has done, instead of both simply acting together under one target as they did before.

The changes in really did just obfuscate the reality. It is much easier to reconcile the pre system with MMT, as it is clear to see. You should quit with the MMT nonsense. It is chartalism in a fancy frock, and only works on paper not in reality. It is an absolutely soul-less movement. If the whole planet blows out? It does not matter. Such is the people in there. Only God can avoid the conflict. We, the people, shall unite in prayer. As far as information comes to me — but who am I to grant is russian poker tour minsk reliable? They will not dare going against Russia-China alliance go here their end game threat. Though with psychopaths, you never know. They love mayhem, even if it costs them personally. Folks say the Russians did a good job in Chechnya. How was that accomplished?

And is the same approach usable in Ukraine? The Russians will pacify Ukraine after they have eliminated the Nazi scum and demilitarised the country. I was in Kiev 15 years ago, no one spoke Ukrainian, only Russian. Forgive me for my general ignorance of military affairs, but I want to ask you if you think that, maybe, the Russian operation of russian poker tour minsk of Ukraine could bo comparend to the 2nd Chechen war with the detakfirization of Chechnya, that is, an operation with a time schedule of months instead of weeks or days. Also, I would like to know your take on the current rate of operations of the Russian Air Force against the ukronazis MLRS like the one that hit the russian arfield and the artillery that shells the Donbass civilians.

No, that operation is really different from any other. That being said, it has elements of the 2nd Chechen war, for sure. But just the scale is so different that we should not make too much if this russian poker tour minsk. I dont quite understand what the US. The politicians in DC seem to have a blood lust and death wish for the rest of us living here in america. How often recently have Western leaders fought a war against an equal opponent? Western leaders will just keep fighting in the economic and PR arenas. You have much to learn of Western dynamics.

Behind the current Western leaders are an entire cadre much like those in power in Russia: competent, determined and effective. When the current leadership fails, it will produce a catastrophe that will ensure its own destruction and create a new reality. It will be replaced by this cadre who will then prosecute the new reality. And they will be of a very different character from the preceding leadership. An exemplar. In the late s the Western leadership class was correctly assessed by the Nazis as feckless, and accordingly were able to build German power. It is not. It is merely a thin veneer, a predatory managerial class that history shows is disposable when its failures threaten the interests it is tasked with advancing.

It all depends on the opinions in the pentagon. They, so far, seem to be putting the brakes on actions that would obviously expand the conflict. IMO, the foreign policy group in the Biden russian poker tour minsk is running something of a rogue op with CIA and not looping in DoD or the Fed. Also not sure Russia would take that at the moment but it would relieve the decision of whether or not to occupy Galicia. That could be left as a festering wound for the west to deal with. Thanks again for your awesome analysis. I do agree with you that the Empire of Lies has doubled down again and again. But this is not to help russian poker tour minsk Ukrainian people — but simply to boost the profits of War Inc. The USA government is filled with people who try to bluff Moscow into thinking war is possible.

Russia at this point is demonstrably winning and once it seizes the large cities of Kiev, Kharkov, and Mariupol as well as Odessa, the war will essentially be over and reduced to a mopping up operation. Got a source for this please? Saker — it was a Russian poker tour minsk Research American Trends Panel. The only russian poker tour minsk in this poll is as a measure of success or failure of the propaganda assault on the population, otherwise it check this out completely meaningless. Do you believe that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is more; or is less; justified than the American invasions of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and the carpet bombing of Yugoslavia?

Unfortunately, these folks are likely a small segment of the USA population, or the population of this web page country for that matter. My support for Russia is qualified and is based on russian poker tour minsk belief that Russia was forced to act now to PREVENT nuclear war in the future. While this action by Russia russian poker tour minsk not a guarantee that nuclear war will not happen, it is a guarantee that once the action is completed, Ukraine will cease to be a cause for a potential nuclear war with NATO. I absolutely agree, but do feel heartened that there are some signs that this is changing. Lately he has gone into the situation in Ukraine and his initial viewpoint is adapting almost on a daily basis towards a more realistic view.

Today he himself had a reality adjustment about the actual state of USA military and nuclear preparedness based on actual reports from specialist and some statistical info. From the comments on his video one can see kind of a percentage of those in denial and those beginning to see the light, which was actually kind of heartening. This is a shockingly russian poker tour minsk percentage of Americans who would risk total annihilation by nuclear war and perhaps the end of all humanity or at the very least a return to the dark ages and a contaminated earth. Are they totally mad? Unfortunately, polls are subject to errors of this nature. Dear Saker, thank you so much for all you do. One way to prevent this is if there are a sufficient number of NATO troops in the cauldrons that the West does not want to be discovered or dead.

Then there could be a Minsk 3 with a negotiated outcome. They are still a force to be reckoned with and may have influence with key people in the Pentagon. If the U. It would then push for Ukrainian neutrality like Switzerland and also tell Russia that it was going to support the disarmament of Ukraine. Unfortunately, the U. I will pray and focus on what I can control. The leadership class is non-existent. The government — fully bought and paid for — consists russian poker tour minsk shills for various financial interests. Thus RussiaGate and the rotating gallery of rabid neocons in various structural positions. Trump was owned by Zionists. Sheldon Adelson put a pig-ring in his nose. He was indeed part of the system. If any loans are made then the beliebteste online casino is skimmed off by the corrupt elites and only a trickle gets to the ground.

Rinse and repeat. Nothing will chnage until the responbsibility for repayment is pinned to the those that actually got the money. The colors are showing brightly now that their concern is not about human lives, unfortunately. They are still drugged up. Look at Pelosi and Heels Up Harris at the Rape of the Union address.

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He looks different all the time though as if he was created at Disney, a titanium frame coated in Spam and boar bristles. It seems to me that the whole concept of this war backfired for Russia. This is unfortunate reality. What happen with Russian national monetary reserves? Half of it confiscated included gold. How that can be possible? Putin unfortunately already in Syria have proven that hi is not a kind of leader Russia will need for Ukrainian exercise. My solution would be to back off. Keep brake away provinces, enforce borders, regroup and wait for dollar to collapse. You have not lived under live fire for 8 years, have you Martin? Buried family or friends? What price go online 9x9 you put on human lives? Russian lives?

There is no price. Each life is russian poker tour minsk. Human life is not a commodity. It is a gift from God. Gods Will, be done. You think this continue reading about money???? How did it backfire out russian poker tour minsk curiosity? Russia is winning in Ukraine while suffering perfectly acceptable and moderate losses. Nothing backfired on Russia simply because she had no other option. And your solution, it is completely irrealistic. Why is it so hard for so many people to understand that Russia had no option?! It was a necessity. What would it take for folks to get this basic, simple and fundamental reality?!?!?! Japanese also russian poker tour minsk no option in Very story.

They were trying diplomacy with US for years. Only after they had 6 months left of oil reserves for their army, they went to Pearl Harbor. We know how it ended. The only difference today is that Russia has nukes. But will it stop any side to action? Chicken game. And the sad part is we have evidence and revisionist history books showing the American elite knowing the attack came and let it happen anyway. How did a broken Japan help russian poker tour minsk if they could not enter the war? Where was the pretext?

Force Japan to Kamakazi at Pearl harbor, move carriers from harms way and use the attack as pretext to enter the war so as to face off Germany and russian poker tour minsk the Brits once again. What Hitler and the nazis did not know was that the Russians took it as existential too and unprepared to deal with how they responded existentially. The US of today is not the same as in The country is in massive debt, the rich link exercised what is virtually a tax boycott, the countries infrastructure is falling a part, the people are divided they really hate each other thanks to the politicians turning them against one another the political establishment is highly corrupt, old, and incompetent, the country gave away its manufacturing base, and its military is stretched in and due to multiple losses in the last 50 years is demoralized.

The government cannot solve the simplest problems let alone big problems. Covid is proof of this as the country is about reach the russian poker tour minsk million death mark very soon. No other country is even close to such a death toll. This tells Russia, China, India, and everyone else, the true state that America is in. A finally in the s we had leadership such as FDR, Eisenhower, now there are only corrupt political hacks like Biden and Trump who only care about enriching themselves and their donors. The United States is ready for a fall and there will be no Hollywood ending or last second comeback. China can wait until this fall occurs, but Russia could not, because NATO is on its border, Ukraine was constantly antagonizing, provoking them, building ups its offensive military capabilities, and the West have been increasingly sanctioning Russia, most of the time for no good reason at all, for a decade.

For the West it is not existential and all they do are games, blustering, and disregard everyone and everything — until it dongs on them that it is but will be too late. The Russian monetary reserves are there. They have taken a hit but they will make it through. Syria, is a whole different ballgame. No option to backoff and why should they? The day has arrived my friend and Russia has the upper hand. Lastly, Russia was, by design, put in a corner with no other option left. Russia patiently waited this entire time, while being on the receiving end for a long time and had to finally react. This is a reaction to an action. Ukraine is either a laundromat or a cheap prostitute. Both figuratively and literally. Same with Eurocrats. Ask this question, where is this aid going? To what entity will it be distributed to? Vladimir Vladimorovich today announced that everything is moving according to plan and that ALL objectives will be met.

Stay tuned, the West will squirm louder and louder as their boy toy Z. I know Asselineau, not well, but I do.

russian poker tour minsk

Yes, there are some voices in France. Despite the clear intentions of destroying Russia, my hope is russian poker tour minsk will try do it first by making a quagmire of Ukraine, and bogging down Russia in a war of attrition. In the meantime, the thousands of weapons being sent might possible poker duisburg remarkable up like other thousands being abandoned Kherson warehousearming the new twins to the teeth. Lone Wolf, I have generally liked some of your posts but seriously? Germany first and foremost is gone. I know this personally. Do you not see the suicide they are committing against themselves and their people? Spain was holding years ago but long past, Greece, Italy, etc.

This is a tragedy. Your hope is a war of attrition? This is the problem. We are in this state of affairs because of thinking like this. They are only interested in enjoying all the money they have printed paintings, jewelry, mansions, Etc, Etc. They keep stealing everything they can at a frantic pace, until everything collapses. I think they are looking for an island where to keep their treasure. The golden calf. These elites are the ones who decide wars, so they will never enter into a confrontation with a much greater military power. They know that Russia has first-strike nuclear decapitation capability. So they limit themselves to propaganda, which is the war of cowards. I see Russia very confident, a colossus that is saving humanity. Yesterday Slovenian prime minister together with Czech and Polish one visited Zelensky. They told us, they went to Kiew with a train. If this is true, they had certainly informed Russia on their itinerary. Othervise it would be a huge incident, three PMs wounded or dead.

So they trust that Russia is a respectful country and a gentleman agreement can be achieved. They put their life in the hands of mad mr. Putin as it is said here. Very strange. Or most probably russian poker tour minsk Lvov. I like clear numbers and logical thinking. This information campaign in the west can source anything. We hear all the time, Ukraine is completely destroyed. But the trains are running? And at normal speed?

Russian poker tour minsk crossed the border near Lvov in the morning about 8 and arrived in the evening. Kiew is encircled. But not for the trains? Civilian buildings are massively hit on purpose, but not the infrastructure? We remember Novi Sad and all three bridges there. So the most logical conclusion is that Russians were informed about the visit and asked to be kind with them. Interestingly nobody asks these questions. And almost all believe that he could be hit there and wounded or died. Supporters are happy with the trip, opponents are worried that killing russian poker tour minsk them could provoke war. He has strong support of max. Year after year. Our first prime minister once said: The hate to mr. So this trip was made because of elections.

The invasion of Ukraine worsens post-Olympic troubles.

He visited a person — Zelensky, who is a hero today for him. Three years ago Zelensky was all the worst for him and his media. The Russians have demonstrated that any incremental steps to enter the war by NATO, by some NATO members or by the US will be hit with cruise and ballistic missiles, russian poker tour minsk hypersonic. The Baltic Midgets? Then, any attack has to hit in Ukraine, in Russia, in Belarus and in Kaliningrad and Transnistria. The East Med russain at Tartus and Russian bases in Syria.

The Far East has to be hit. The Arctic has to be hit. So, there will be no mass suicide by the West. They have no options for a small war. If they stay small, they get crushed like the foreigners in west Ukraine. If they go wide and deep, it is mass suicide. But there can be a war of russian poker tour minsk, as I suggested above. The disruptions to normal society and the breakup of Ukraine as russiann unitary state will make the sea the insurgency swims in unreliable. People will need food, pensions, jobs, and click the following article, and the insurgency will be reduced to marauders not defenders. There is only one terrain they can hide in, the far west mountainous area. And Poland, Hungary, Romania will saw off most of that. Agree totally with your analysis with regard to the prospects for war, viewed from a pokrr and rational viewpoint.

This however may not accurately represent the problem. Who is in fact in control of US foreign article source The Pentagon? The three-letters? The oligarchy? This is what keeps me awake at source. I see a Russian strike anywhere along the supply line from Otur to the Line of Contact. And that line begins in Poland. And since the Poles were so eager to fight Russia — let them try. As for mass suicide, I think that the Eurolemmings have already stipulated to that.

As for russian poker tour minsk US Americans — they have no say anyway. And they are ruled by Neocons. What about the US submarines? Are they not — very lethal indeed? Each one can carry huge numbers of missiles. The thing russian poker tour minsk, the U. As I understand it, this is what Bible prophecy predicts. Good point! Romania at least is trying russian poker tour minsk stay clear of this conflict…they never offered any soviet made plains like Poland russian poker tour minsk made weapons commitments of any kind, despite Kamala visiting Bucharest a few days ago and pressuring the Romanians in God knows what…So at least, at the surface, they are playing smart…I think Poland is the country to watch, having been very aggressive in declarations and crazy initiatives… And all the weapons seem to be delivered via Poland….

How can this War end is the pokedyet how can it end when the EUNATO and the Ziocons running the US keep sending weapons in order to escalate the War? The pretty boys and girls that live in these CastlesAustriaSwitzerlandLuxemburgMonaco, Geneva. I think you get the picture. Furthermore the reason why the types downloaden bubble games kostenlos Von der Leyden, Stoltenberg and Blinken tried to sucker in the Poles was you guessed it have another Slavic Country fighting against each other ; next touf be Belarus no doubt.

The massive influx of refugees from pokwr Ukraine into Poland will create very expensive strains on her budget and that of other States near by. Czech and Slovakia of which are also Slavic russian poker tour minsk suffer this. Why not send the refugees to Austria and Switzerland. Online royal casino plaza point i would like to add is the following. Will the West be able to account for these weapons once the War ends? My estimate is that the Slavic Nations will have to find a way to Unite in order to article source this War before it becomes Madness. NATO political leaders you mean? They are just talking heads and would simply be replaced by others. Political outcome studies by major US universities proved it is the billionaires who run America, not the politician Russian poker tour minsk and Princeton, but others too.

Their conclusion was that the USA is a democracy in name only, but in practice it is a plutocratic oligarchy. The studies proved the Demos there has almost zero influence upon political outcomes. As for a pre-emptive strike, that is mink kind of talk that needs to be avoided on both sides. An action like that will lead to NATO vs Russia war. Sorry, but exaclty whom you despise and insult are the ones that have the key to solve the problem, together with Russia. The people of Europe are being gaslighted, they have been subjected to a brutal psy-ops… Ask yourself why.

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